Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 10: Climb a Tree

Welcome to Day 10 of 31 Days of Backyard Nature Fun, a month-long series offering simple ways to get outside exploring the natural world. To catch up on what we’ve been up to, you might want to head here.

I admit it: Even this outdoor-loving nature mama gets nervous when her kids want to climb a tree. Like most of you, I worry that they might fall and get hurt.

It’s true; that could happen. But I’m learning to let go of that fear. And today I’m challenging you to do the same.

Day 10: Climb a tree.
Your assignment is to encourage your young explorer[s] to climb a tree. There aren’t really any rules here, but a few tips might come in handy:
  • Look for a large, sturdy tree. If you don’t have one in your own backyard, try a local park.
  • Search for hand and footholds. This is the perfect time to pretend you are a favorite climbing animal like a monkey or a koala.
  • Go only as high as is comfortable. The goal here isn’t to reach the top of the tree; it’s to get down safely, too. Focus on going as high as feels safe. 
  • Enjoy the view. What does the world look like from up in the tree? 
  • Climb down slowly. If the kids can climb up the tree, they can also find a way down. Provide encouragement and support as needed.
  • Repeat! Try to climb higher next time – or try a more challenging tree.

Just joining us? Catch up on what we’re up to at 31 Days of Backyard Nature Fun.


  1. I totally agree with you re letting children safely climb trees. My daughter was like a little monkey shinning up trees. We can't closet our children too much and as you say precautions can be taken.
    Your boy is so gorgeous....a real charmer, I think he'll break a few hearts when he gets older.xxxxx

    1. Yes, finding that balance between letting kids be kids and trying to protect them is often a challenge for me, but one I'm striving to improve upon. Thanks for the kind words about my kiddo! :-)

  2. I'm madly in love with trees so your post warmed my heart. And I'm loving your fab photos on Instagram. Happy New Year!

    1. We love trees, too Sonya. Thanks so much for your kind words & support. Happy New Year to you, too!


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