Monday, September 13, 2010

My Outdoor Play Bill of Rights

Our 12 weeks of summer have finally come to an end. Today the big explorer starts first grade.

And while he is excited to see friends and begin new challenges, I am sad that this summer’s days of adventuring have drawn to a close. (Of course, the little explorer comes with his own set of adventures …)

Truth is, I had a ton of fun this summer and I’m not quite willing to stop now.

So when I came across a post my friend Bethe wrote about creating your own play bill of rights, I realized I had to do it.

Play shouldn’t end just because the calendar says you’re no longer a kid. At least, that’s what I learned this summer. And that’s what I what my kids to learn, too.

So here’s to me making time for play by writing down my very own Outdoor Play Bill of Rights. I have the right to:
  • Make time for fun
  • Take my shoes off when I go outside so I can feel the earth beneath my feet
  • Go without gloves when I work in the garden
  • Pick flowers to keep in a vase on my desk
  • Enjoy lunch outdoors (or dessert!) more often
  • Sit and watch the birds do their thang
  • Be awed at the sight of a spider weaving a web or a hummingbird resting on a tree branch
  • Go for a bike ride at least twice a week
  • Dream of trips to see wild animals in the wild (it’s been too long since seeing the polar bears in Churchill!)
  • Ask someone to take a picture or two of me while I’m out enjoying nature!
As fall begins and the hustle and bustle of school schedules starts up, I hope you’ll make play, exploring, discovering and having fun a very vital part of your life.

Your kids will thank you for it.


  1. Oh my gosh - we pruned fruit trees this weekend and you should see all the scrapes and cuts on my hands and arms! Let me add one more bullet:

    I am allowed to take my kids out of school for a long weekend of camping, without feeling guilty.

  2. Nice job on this post Debi. Thanks for sharing. We haven't stopped either. Hit the farm stand and had a picnic/birthday party.

  3. Love the bill of rights! I really want to eat outside more-- we have no outdoor furniture right now but I shouldn't let that stop me, right?!

  4. @Roy: I LOVE your addition to the list -- it's one I need to work on!

    @Jodi: Glad to hear you're still out there playing, too!

    @Mel: Who needs fancy furniture? A blanket or cozy step is all I need! :)

  5. What a wonderful idea! You could type this up in a fun font, print it out, and hang it someplace prominent in your home!

    I need to do more spontaneous picnics (lunch or even just snacks) outside w/ my little man...and we really need to put our neglected patio table to use and enjoy some dinners outdoors as a family before the weather changes. Thank you for the inspiration!

  6. @Crystal: Forget cleaning up the patio table - enjoy dessert on a blanket one evening. Keep it simple! :)


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